Bespoke Property Management



At Conlon & Co we recognise that searching for a rental property can often be a time consuming and exhausting process. We aim to ease this often onerous task by accommodating your individual needs. A broad knowledge of the local market enables us to minimize time spent searching for a property based on your specific search criteria.

We will arrange property viewings upon request and at your convenience wherever possible. We provide efficient and timely application processing. Once you have found your ideal property, you will have access to your personal tenant portal, allowing you to conveniently access all information relevant to your property at any time. We will guide you through the process of moving into your new home and ensure that once you are happily ensconced in your new abode that any issues or problems are dealt with efficiently and to your satisfaction. We have a professional and reliable team of contractors available to attend to any concerns that may arise, to help facilitate this.

We recognise that the relationship between a tenant and managing agent can often span many years and involve many complexities; it is our intention to ensure this relationship is a mutually trusting and respectful one from inception. Our bespoke service will ensure a professional and personalised experience from beginning to end.

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