Bespoke Property Management

Our Company

Conlon & Co is a boutique family-owned and operated business, dedicated to offering a tailored property management experience for both landlords and tenants. We want you to deal directly with the Principals, whose primary focus is building solid client relationships and delivering on your needs. We pride ourselves on our professional integrity, efficiency and responsiveness. Fifteen years’ experience in property management ensures impeccable attention to detail, expertise and reliability.

Our philosophy is clear; we aim to exercise a high degree of discipline and professionalism in order to best deliver a quality, bespoke service to our clients. This allows us to provide a superior personalised experience characterised by flexibility and innovation, unconstrained by structural challenges that may exist in larger organisations. We relish the opportunities to discover ways in which to improve the level of service we can provide to you, our client. We relish the opportunities to adapt and identify new ways in which we can deliver a superior experience to you, our client. In a nutshell, we are professionally and personally satisfied when you, our client, is satisfied. It is our view that, quite simply, the more customised service we can provide, the better able we are to meet – and exceed - our clients’ needs and expectations.

How can we genuinely translate our business philosophy into practice?

The most effective way in which to deliver on our aims is to anticipate your needs, ‘troubleshoot’ even before our clients have identified any obstacles. And the only way we can deliver on our aims is through our people. Conlon and Co’s founding Principals are Julia and Georgie Conlon, twin sisters with a wealth of property, management and life experience between them.

We believe understanding and facilitating a client’s needs are paramount in the business of property management. Your home is often your most valuable asset, both financially and emotionally, and should be treated accordingly. Consequently, we aim to alleviate the anxieties involved in owning an investment property – by providing a superior level of trust, responsiveness and personalised service.

At Conlon and Co we undertake that you, our client, will deal with a Principal in all your interactions. This enables us to provide an unparalleled level of consistency and reliability. 
Accordingly, our ability to deliver on such aims – and turn mere words into practice – is through our people.

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